When we price a project we spend the time to break it down properly. That means there is certainty about your inclusions.

We constantly hear of other builders that under-price a project then make up the difference using the variations clauses in their contracts. Variations are only charged by us in genuine circumstances.

There are 3 ways to hire Life Structures to produce your project

  1. Lump Sum Contract – This is a fixed price system set by the Housing Industry Association Standard Contract. It would be used where all designs and scope can be predicted with some certainty at the start.
  2. Cost Plus Contract – This is a method that includes all costs to construct plus a fee to the Builder. Our fee is 15%. It would be used where there are unknowns about scope and designs.
  3. Labour Hire Service – This is suitable for jobs where we are not the principal contractors. We use this system when the Hirer is the person providing the work instructions.