Company Culture

Life Structures greatest attribute is the culture passed on to its workers and Subcontractors.
Our culture is that we focus on these things

  • Understanding the design intent of the project and working to achieve it properly.
  • Understanding the clients expectations as we work in their property. We team-up with the client to peruse the same goal.
  • Displaying good manners and behavior within all parts of our working life

This culture is bred into our workers from their first day.

We have a low turnover of Workers, for example 2 of our workers have been with us for over 12 consistent years.

This culture has led us to be in a position where the bulk of our work is Repeat Business, and advertising has been minimal.

We practice flexibility when it comes to contracting. This is because different clients have a different desire to be involved. We are happy to take full control of your project from start to finish and we are just as easy to work with in a closely managed environment.